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Poppets On Tour:

How does our world look to Poppets? Here are some of the places Poppets have been spotted. If you see Poppets on Tour, catch them on camera. Tell us what you saw and send your photos to: ravyn@poppetplanet.com.

I really like it when people send photos of their Poppets on Tour. It means that they're looking at things from new perspectives. Even familiar things. A fresh perspective opens the possibility for seeing things that couldn't be seen before. The photos allow me to see those things too.

POT - Rubius

POT - Jan

POT - Ken

POT - Rebecca






I have my own "wish list" of things I'd like to view through Poppet eyes. It includes the U. S. Constitution, the California redwoods, and real views from the streets of your own cities. It includes the Mona Lisa, and dried up rivers and unemployment lines. It includes acts of kindness. It includes acts of weirdness. We can talk about it on the forums. We can have fun and be creative. We can wake up a little. Together.

Poppets are bigger inside than out. They may be cute or creepy but, underneath it all, Poppets are about vision. ---Lisa

Poppets On Video:

We have seen Poppets in their own little movies already, and have created a PoppetPlanet Group on YouTube as a place to share some poppety goodness in action.

Poppet videos on YouTube:

POV - Alia's Poppet Movie
Alia's Poppet Movie

POV - Trip Manhattan Concept Video
Trip Manhattan Concept Video

POV - Poppet Caught on Cellphone
Poppet Caught on Cellphone

POV - Day Poppet Diving
Day Poppet Diving

POV - Night Poppet Diving
Windy Night Poppet Diving






Here are links to high resolution versions of Windy Night Poppet Diving, and Day Poppet Diving. These videos are about 50MB each and may not download over a dial-up connection.

Spread the Poppet love. Go video!


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